Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthday Blip: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Ali: I did a lot of stuff this week.  I went on three hikes, I made muffins, I went on a food tour, I turned a year older, and I mostly kept up with the chain.  I gave myself two days off for the holiday weekend/my birthday.  But, I also finished transcribing Chapter 2 of the Sleeping Beauty project and sent it off to Jenny for her to take a look at.  I also wrote about 2/3 of a new short story which I'm writing as an exercise in starting with a bad situation, then escalating it.  Even with two days off, I'm pleased with how the past week has gone.

Jenny: Happy Birthday to Ali!

I'll keep it quick, since this is posting so late (my bad). Good news: my chain continues to grow!

1. Finished rewriting a chapter of La Llorona.

2. Am halfway through a short play I'm working on for a local theatre festival.

How are y'all doing?

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  1. I wrote more days than not, but I still have little chainlets.

    Working on it.


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