Saturday, March 10, 2012

Casting Call

Since we're talking about TV and movies, today's prompt follows right in line. Take one of your stories/novels and write out your fantasy cast list. Since it's a fantasy list, your dream actors don't need to be their real-life ages, or even alive. So, if you think Marlon Brando, age 32, would make the perfect John Smith, plug him right in there.

The goal here is to spend some time thinking about character, as well as thinking about which aspects of your characters would translate the best to screen.

Extra credit for those who share their cast lists ;)


  1. I've never tried to cast a short story before. Novels, yes. Shorts, no. Something to ponder.

    And giving me carte blanche to cast means Vivien Leigh would be cast in everything. And Kate Winslet.

    Hm. Instead of making a casting list, I'm going to go write a short story in which Viven Leigh and Kate Winslet have tea or something.

  2. Ooh, yes, I'd love to see Vivien Leigh in something. And Ioan Gruffudd in everything. Beyond that... we'll see.


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