Thursday, December 8, 2011

Survey Says!: An Article of Awesomeness from The Paris Review

I'm starting to love Twitter like no other. If you follow the right people, you find some really fascinating material, like this article by Sarah Funke Butler from The Paris Review. The rundown: A sixteen year old student wrote a 'survey' on symbolism and sent it out to 150 well-known authors (like our very own July-August mentor, Jack Kerouac, as well as luminaries like Saul Bellow, John Updike, and Ray Bradbury).

The odd thing is that these authors responded. I guess writers just can't keep quiet about their craft, huh? They keep blogs and tweet and stuff nowadays. =)

Check it out. There's actual archival scans of the letters.


  1. Totally cool. My favorite response is Ray Bradbury's. There are a few academics we both know who fit the model Bradbury's making digs at. Love that.

  2. Very cool. I missed that one!

    Mostly, I get Twitter-bombed by people selling their latest 99-cent Kindle book. Sigh... I must figure out a way to filter the useful from the spam...

  3. Fleur - I use the 'lists' feature heavily. It works as a filter. =)


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