Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Post of Accountability!: NaNo NaNo NaNo

It's Tuesday! Time to sound off on all the great and wonderful things we have accomplished.

Here's what I did:

1. NaNo.

2. NaNo.

3. NaNo.

And that's about it. Luckily, I'm right on pace (as of yesterday...now I need to do today's word count. It just never ends!)

However, I have a funny - okay, not really funny - story about being on pace because I wasn't until Sunday. I only had about 3,000 words on Saturday...which was minus quite a bit. Still, I wasn't as behind as Shane, spouse extraoridinaire, who determined that though he had only 1,000ish written, he was gonna catch up. By the end of Saturday he'd thrown down 7,000 words.

Watching him and feeling like a complete slacker, I banged out another 3,000ish on Saturday too (I wasn't about to get beat down in my own house). Then on Sunday he walloped another 3,000 and I caught up with the remaining 4,000 I needed.

Yesterday we both wrote what we were supposed to because trying to catch up (which you CAN do, people, with a lot of pain...a lot of pain...but you CAN!) hurt.

Yeah, so that was my week. How're you guys holding in there?


  1. I'm still 3,400 words behind where I should be as of last night.

    However, on Saturday morning I was almost 6,200 words behind. And I didn't get very many that day (my routine for getting in lots of words was sorely compromised--but, whatever), only 700. Then Sunday, something clicked in, and I managed 3,244 words.

    Here's the weird thing, though. 3,244 on a full day off. A full day off with an extra hour in. Yesterday--a work day, I wrote 2,866 words without breaking a sweat. How?

    I went to the mall at lunch and wrote for an hour in the food court. Mid-afternoon, I set the timer on my phone and did a fifteen minute sprint during my break time. Then I went home, ate dinner, watched Keith Olbermann before retiring to write for about an hour an a half.

    Weird, huh?

    I'm loving the sprint idea. May try to get two in today and tomorrow in addition to the lunch hour push, as I have plans this evening and tomorrow night which will interfere with writing.

    Still, not worried about catching up and getting ahead.

    Fun stuff.

  2. Very cool to listen to everyone's process. Funny how you never know what's going to work...

  3. Sounds like you're both doing great! We've got Friday off for Remembrance Day - I'm hoping for a loooong writing weekend!


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