Monday, September 12, 2011

Difficult Decision!

Hey guys, I'm afraid that this'll be my last post for a while. I do have a few already scheduled to go up down the line...but after some heavy consideration, I've decided that I need to spend more time on my writerly writing.

As you can imagine, following up on the mentors and reading/researching, etc. takes a lot of time and energy. While I'm learning a lot, I have discovered that most of my time has been going to writing about writing instead of doing the writing. So, I'm going to pause the blog and revisit how it's structured...but that could be a while.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this stuff! I hope that your writing endeavors are richly rewarded!

Now get to work.


  1. Aw. I'll miss the regular pokes to my brain, but understand the need to concentrate on "The Writing Itself." I hope Ms. Atwood didn't push you over the edge, and that you can continue to enjoy her.

    Go forth. Write. Cause I need more good stuff to read.

  2. Will miss you in blogland! But far be it from me to criticise a decision like that - I always feel like *everything* I do cuts into my writing time.

  3. I'll miss your smartness, but I'm glad you'll be able to put more time into your writing. Hope you won't stop blogging entirely!

  4. Fleur - we'll look at it as "hiatus" =)


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