Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Came across this blog entry by Ty Nolan--loved it and thought I'd share it.

Go Storytellers!



  1. It's so moving, I shared it on Facebook. I know at least one person read it, so . . .

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  3. Well my goodness--I thank you for you kind words about my (for lack of a better term) essay on Stories and Storytelling. A couple of months ago I was keynoting a National Science Foundation Synergy project conference. They asked to help them use storytelling to more effectively teach about communications with the 13 or so colleges involved. The essay was one I hadn't read for awhile, and I enjoyed visiting it again from a little more distance. Best, Ty Nolan
    ps--I'm one of the Finalists for National Public Radio's 3 Minute Fiction competition for my story "Dolls."

  4. Ty! Nolan! Wow! Thanks so much for telling us more about your essay. I really did think it was gorgeous. A real reminder of why we tell stories and how important it is.

    Good luck on the Three Minute Fiction at NPR. (I read your story there too. Awesome!)


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