Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Post of Accountability!


1 short story

Halfway through another one.

Where are you guys at? What're you working on?


  1. Dealing with insurance companies. Would much rather be writing. Hell, I'd rather be editing. Even someone else's work. Someone I don't like and whose writing I hate.

    Okay, better now. Getting ready to write a bunch of blog posts ahead so I don't have to worry about them as I dive back into my own writing.

  2. You should be writing hatemail to your insurance company, the other guy's insurance company, random insurance companies...and calling Frank Azar, "The Strong Arm." (You know, I met him in person once, and he's really red in the face.)

    Yes, definitely get on the blogs. It should distract you. =)

  3. I'm crying over how the value of my house dropped 10k since last week. It appears no one is accountable in that department...

    On a lighter note, I'm brewing a new novel idea. There's nothing like taking off to your own land of make-believe :-)

  4. One offhand comment to the adjuster yesterday, and he gave the Hertz my home number instead of my cell. And he'd just used my cell number. Didn't know they were ready with a rental until I checked messages this morning.

    Okay, maybe saying "This is why people hate insurance companies" wasn't the brightest thing. But I didn't say I hated them.

  5. Trying to talk myself into editing my latest chapters of my novel. Writing is so much easier than editing but they are equally important.


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