Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More In-Depth Than I Can Do

As I've been working through Virginia Woolf, it occured to me that there are many readers, students, scholars, and other various literati professionals out there who are studying Woolf, her work and her impact. While I try to be as in-depth and accurate as possible, I also realize that my posts are more about my personal insights regarding Woolf's work.

For those of you who want to explore Woolf more in depth, I refer you to**:

Blogging Woolf

The International Virginia Woolf Society

The Modernism Lab at Yale University

The Virginia Woolf Socity of Great Britain

**Again, while I try to make my references as in-depth and accurate as possible, please trust to the veracity and usefulness of a site only with your own best judgment.


  1. I've never read anything by her. You make me feel as if I should put it on my goal list for 2011. :)
    Thanks for the links.

  2. I've had To The Lighthouse for a while. Starting it today.

  3. Don't feel pressured guys...hopefully I can dissect the stuff without everyone having to read what she writes (thought you could do worse!) ;)


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