Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jury Duty: The Future Publishing Part

Yesterday, while serving my civic duty (on the day after a snowstorm, by the way--aren't you proud of me?) I brought a notebook, for those writing thoughts, and my nook, for those reading times.

At one point I was actually called in to be quizzed by the lawyers to determine whether I'm a biased/prejudiced jerk who should/should not sit in judgment of other people. I wasn't picked. Ah, well.

But, here's the funny part.

The judge wasn't quite ready for us jury contenders to come in and as we're sitting around the jury room we start talking books. (I like books.) One lady brings up e-readers and how she hasn't made up her mind about it. No joke: five out of 16 of us pulled out the e-readers that we had brought along. One nook, three Kindles, and (I kid you not) a Kobo. I'm not even counting the woman who had BN's app on her iPhone.

One lady owns an independent bookstore in town and we may as well have stabbed her in both eyeballs. She was not thrilled when faced with the future of publishing.

A rough adjustment period is coming, people. But I don't think it's all bad. First off: look how many readers there are. Five with e-readers, one with a BN iPhone app, and another six with physical books in their hands. That's what? 12/16? Those are not bad odd, my writerly buddies! Keep on writing.

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