Monday, September 6, 2010

Going for something new, nerves

Nervous this morning.

I'll be talking with my school advisor today about what I need to do to go for an MFA in writing. Mostly I'm worried because this last decade has been a crazy one. Children were born, marriages made and dissolved and made again. There was a bout with depression that directly impacted my health. Not to mention the general unfocused-ness that made it difficult for me to pick a major in school and stick with it.

So my transcripts, while the grades are generally good, reveal a certain level of inconsistancy (enrolled, withdrawn, re-enrolled, etc./changed in major) that I don't feel is really indicative of my determination as a writer, or my interest in teaching at the college level. I'm not certain how to combat that in an application package. My advisor, being the sharp cookie that she is, will point that out at some point today. Not looking forward to it.

Anyway, fingers crossed. The biggest part of any MFA application is the writing sample anyway right?

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  1. And your writing samples are awesome, so no worries there. Just go for it.



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