Monday, June 28, 2010

Sometimes technology just isn't as fast as I need it to be

Ah printing. It's a blessing right? You don't have to hand-copy everything. You don't have to set type. You don't have to deal with that goopy carbon copy crap. It's wonderful...

Except when you're on a deadline and you need to get five copies of a friggin submission printed out in like 5 minutes or you're going to be late and there's your happy little printer, chugging along like the Little Engine-Printer that Could but it's still not quite fast enough and you'll be at your desk staring at it, willing it to PRINT FASTER but it won't listen to you, and you just know (know!) it's doing it on purpose.

And then, because five submissions of 50 pages each is pretty long, you have to keep filling the paper, being reminded of what a horrible, horrible enviornmentalist you are.

Really what you need is a critique group in a bar.


  1. And then the ink runs out and you have to refill that, and it takes three men and a horse to get the package open. . .

    CWC in a bar? It would be interesting to see how it affected the feedback. And the author's responses.

  2. I think it would have been better if you simply said "Little Printer that Could." And you make it sound so cute.


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