Friday, May 28, 2010

Shaking in their boots (or sandals, it is summer....)

The Great Writing Race is here!

And there are a surprising number of takers for this years challenge.

From June 1-July 31 I shall engage the most talented of my friends and, apparently, family in a race to finish my novel. (Well, that's what I'm hoping'll happen.) The reward? Bragging rights, of course, and dinner at a restaurant of the winner's choice. John and Ali are already shaking in their boots.

But last time Ali cleaned up--over 40,000 words in two weeks. They weren't even bad words! They were coherent. She is a true champion, a.k.a. the Person to Make Cry.

Though I think John may have beat her the time they raced together. But she could've beat him by a hair. They can correct my errors in the comment section.

Then we have Matt and Marie. Matt, my brother, who has finished at least three novel-length pieces. Marie, the steady work-horse who has finished not only two novel-length pieces that I'm aware of, but also multiple short stories and revisions of those self-same novels.

I, however, have a great deal to gain from winning this:
1. A complete manuscript that I am motivated to finish!
2. The Bragging Rights
3. Food
4. Bragging Rights
5. Making Ali cry
6. The pleasure of writing in order to beat other people, and brag about it.

Quiver, people! Shake, shiver, and move outta my way!


  1. Thanks for being out to squash me. Makes a body feel loved. Punk. Bring it on.

  2. And it's fun watching youse guys duking it out.

  3. ...Jenny, you wound me with your doubts that I won that time...

    How'd you get that little doobly-doo on your sidebar?


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