Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, guess it's time I updated.

Unfortunately I have nothing to report except a brief spell of despondency that has since passed. You know the drill: I suck. Life sucks.

The good news is that, well, the sucky bit passed. And I got over being sick (which never, ever helps when you're in one of those moods, ya know?).

What's on the other side?

School. Oh yeah. As soon as my dearest hubby finishes his, I'm going back. That's so exciting to me--someone who has only a few credits left to graduate. But, crazy me, I've decided to add an Education minor so that I can get my teaching license and mold young minds. I seriously can't wait. I sent off my application for school today and have felt happy ever since.


  1. Go Jenny! I'm very happy for you, though slightly scared you might be teaching my kids someday :-)

  2. Good on ya, Jenny! I think you'll be fabulous. But then, I don't have kids to worry about unless Elizabeth moves here. ;-)

  3. To quote Shane on me teaching: (with a kind of fearful laugh in his voice) You'd be the kind of teacher that your students would either love...or hate


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