Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trucking Along

You know why they tell you to write everyday?

It's not so that your fingers won't lose their supple musculature. It's not so that your keyboard gets that nice, worn-in feeling--where it feels like the keys are molding to your fingertips. It's not even for consistant word count, even though that's the nice side effect.

They tell you to write everyday because if you do that, it's just easier. You don't have to 'warm up' as long, you don't have to remind yourself where you were when you finished, you just pick up and go. And, if you've ended in the middle of something (I believe that was Hemingway's advice) then you can go even faster because you've already done the hard bit of starting a scene.

Because of a very up-and-coming deadline for my CWC writing crew, I've been trying to finish 50 pages pretty quick. The result is that I've been writing consistantly (part of the point of the group in the first place) and every day. I'm still way behind, but I'm digging the rhythm that's being established.

Fingers crossed that I can keep it up after the deadline. When I forget to do that, it's up to you guys to remind me to read this post and repeat: It's easier if you just do it. It's easier if you just do it.

Nike's on to something with that slogan.


  1. Too true. I've done morning pages every day for over two weeks now. Amazing how easily that translates to even editing. Especially since I have to add scenes here and there. So much easier when I've warmed up and spewed out the junk already.

    Definitely let's keep reminding each other.

  2. I concur, I'm noticing a similar thing. I didn't write for one or two days, and today was more arduous than the last time.

    I think I see why Pratchett does it this way.

  3. I tagged you - ha!


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