Sunday, November 8, 2009

JePoWriMo: Day 8

We will be taking a break during the poetry proceedings today.

Because today Sandra Cisneros is giving a reading/signing in Pueblo and that's where I'll be. A little inspiration never hurt.

Plus Cisneros relates to all of my current projects:
Poetry: she writes it and publishes (publishing of poetry being a rarer thing than you suppose)
La Llorona: Hello! One of her books is Woman Hollering Creek, also a reflection on this southwest story.
YA Novel: While House on Mango Street is not a YA, per se, it is taught from middle school on up (I know because I have sold this book hand over fist to multiple schools in preperation for, well, today as a matter of fact.

Right now, in my brain, she seems the perfect person to intercede as a mentor--so I'll let her mentor from her talk today.

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  1. I glad your epiphany struck. And that Cisneros did not disappoint.

    Keep playing with those words.

    And I promise to do the same.


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