Tuesday, July 21, 2009

200 Blogposts and Something New

Welcome to my 200th blogpost. Initially I thought I'd do something kinda cool with it: authors who would be 200 if they were alive now, great works that were 200, things like that.

Instead, I'm actually going to pitch this cool new thing from work. Normally I would think this a silly thing to do. But Barnes and Noble has launched a new ebook section--and all the books there are compatible with any ereader, plus iphones and blackberries, and your PC or Mac. It's all free to download:

Barnes and Noble ebooks

So, even if you don't have an ereader like Kindle or the Sony Reader but you're one of those people who haul your laptop everywhere....It's just one more thing to distract you from your writing.


  1. Wow, 200 posts... I'm humbled, man.

    That link is pretty cool, btw. Didn't you buy one of those mini laptops? How is it?

  2. Awesome. I'm using it as we speak.


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