Saturday, June 20, 2009

More toys, I'm getting spoiled; or the Wand Chooses the Wizard

My birthday present from Shane arrived a couple days ago. It's a set of really great pens. Three fountain pens, three roller ball, and three ball point. It's like the evolution of pens all in one box!

I tried out all of them, of course, with a little help from Owen and Bronwen. They all work wonderfully but I couldn't help but start to pick favorites. And it reminded me of the scene in Harry Potter--which is all now fresh in mind since I finished reading them to prep for the new movie--where Ollivander describes how wands choose the wizard and, while you can use another wand, it won't work as well for you as yours.

So here's my wand/pen:
Fountain, five inches, silver, flowy.

What's your wand/pen?


  1. Ooh, pens. Shane knows you well :) Sounds like an awesome present.

    I've got so many pens, it's hard to have one favorite. I'm all about the liquid ink, though. Art pens are especially fun.

  2. I'm with Ali on trying to pick one favorite (you know me and favorites), but there are preferences. In the spirit of Ollivanders: Medium nib, comfy grip, easy flow of ink.


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