Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Filing cabinets full of stuff

There are things that I don't handle well:
1. Rejection
2. Criticism
3. Work-related anxieties

Turns out the death of a writer friend tops the not-handling-well list of all time. I have had horrible dreams since he left. Dreams of other friends-who-are-writers dying. I've waited to post about the death of Fred, a dedicated science fiction writer and friend, because I haven't known what to say other than "That fucking sucks and is really, really unfair"--which isn't very useful for anything.

But then Deb said something about not looking at it by what he did not accomplish, but we should look at it like Fred was writing right up until the end. Then I remembered Fred's sister saying something about 'filing cabinets full of stuff'.

Filing Cabinets Full of Stuff.

That's my new plan.

I'm pretty computer-friendly, so I'm guessing that my filing cabinets will be more along the lines of Jump Drives Full of Stuff. Which is less impressive in the taking-up-mass department, but still fun and productive nonetheless.


  1. What is ovelings?

    Do I want to know?

    And remember, Oliver: Lift with the legs. Or with a little brother or sister.

  2. Feeling profoundly effected by Fred's death- seems like you are handling it well. I think this should effect us, change us. A friend should not die and have it leave us just as we were before.

  3. I didn't know Fred nearly as well as the rest of you. But I think because I am so much closer to his age, it's really made me rethink a lot of things. I'm glad he got to do what he loved right up to the end. But the "huge file cabinets" make me so sad. Sad that Fred produced so much writing, not to mention musical compositions, that may never see the light of day.

    And all of that is messing with my head about my own writing. I really don't know yet what to take away from this. I think maybe the best thing is to get out of my own head for a while.


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