Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My brilliant plan is brilliantly redacted--

The idea was to read the round-story (I guess we should call it the Round Novel now, because there's a lot to it at this point) and then finish in a brilliant flash of writing.

As I was going through the story, however, I started editing as I went along--never a good thing if you want to progress. My theory was that I'd get a good grasp and maybe find the lines that needed to be tied up. This happened.

But remember: several people have written this novel.

There were the moments where I went "What the hell?" There are whole meandering chapters but, to make life more difficult, those same chapters generally hold a tidbit of information that drives the rest of the main line. Some chapters are maddeningly longer and some maddeningly shorter than others. So some are going to have to be melded. Some sections would fit better toward the beginning. As I'm going through, I have some really great, detailed ideas for how to get this thing in shape. And it'll be funny and cohesive (for those of you who have read this, please believe that this is possible!).

Here's the thing. I figured I had enough time to read, get a general editorial idea, and still have time to finish the book. But I only got the first two done because (surprise!) we have over two hundred pages of material...and that takes longer to sort through than you think.

So, my brilliant, overachieving idea is gonna hafta wait another month. Sorry Scooby Gang!

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