Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do you want to know how stupid I am?

Here I am, sitting at the computer, day after day, checking my email, bemoaning the fact that no one is requesting pages and pages of my genius, when, low and behold, a request comes through for pages.

All together now: Yay!

However, this isn't what makes me stupid. What makes me stupid is that in the introduction paragraph of this particular query letter, I mention the fact that I won "Best Tension" after being judged by a panel of celebrated authors. This is the only query letter where I mention said award and drop the names of Carol Berg, Charles Kaine, and Barbara Samuel (now writing as Barbara O'Neal). You would think that I would be smart enough to mention that in every single query. But no! I have tried to be funny and cute and all the other things that you're not supposed to do while proving that you've heard of the agent/agent's clients.

All together now: Arghh!

But perhaps this agent will come through and I will not have to worry about sending more queries? Fingers and toes crossed...Hope springs eternal!


  1. Huzzah! for the request.

    D'oh, for the oversight. Well, lesson learned now, eh?

  2. Yay! And ditto on the d'oh!

    Fingers still crossed.


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