Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Curse you, Mary!

My plan was to take it easier for May. Because Mary was gonna do all the hard work and submit a full manuscript. But noooo! Now I've gotta do the pages that I wasn't gonna hafta do. And I have to finish the round story, because I didn't do the hard work I was supposed to last month. How is it everything comes to a head like that?

You know what my plan is, though?

To do nothing but read this first week going into May. I went a little nuts at the library and so have to finish reading--and I haven't really read much in a while. Must recharge batteries. Then rip into the writing.

So, May plan:
Read a lot.
Write a lot.
See what happens.
Oh, and critique a lot because this was the big three-fer month for CWC and I've got three for UGWP.

Lots of stuff to do.


  1. It's always been my policy to blame Mary for everything :-)))

    I missed you guys while I was working on my #@$! project last night...

  2. You've still got a couple days of April left so read away. It will recharge.

    I have not been blaming Mary, but shall from now on.

    Hey, Fleur!

    Uh, I just realized how much I have to do before next time. Blast you, Mary!


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