Thursday, February 5, 2009

Writing two things at once is a tricky, yet energizing thing.

Right now I'm working on an adult novel, very serious and leaning into the magical realism, and a YA novel, leaning toward the alternate future/adventure, kind of story. Two very different things.

But I'm having fun and writing the two together is pretty entertaining and kind of schizophrenic. When one starts draining me, I switch to the other. My brain twists and turns to catch up. I'm writing two pages a day--one for one book and one for the other. And it's fun. I highly recommend the trying of it for those of you who have been plugging away on just one thing for a while.

Eventually, one of these will demand more of time--especially when revision comes up--but for now I'm just cutting loose and that feels good.


  1. Good on ya for two pages a day. Especially since it's one page each for two different (sounds like really different) stories. I've switched between stories before, but not every day. Once, again, you amaze me. Not sure I could handle that one.

    I do, however, recommend having at least two projects going so that when one wearies you, you can jump to something "new."

  2. I like having 2 projects going at once, as well. But on the same day! Amazing. You are pushing the envelope. Someday I might try it (leaving myself open).


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