Thursday, February 26, 2009

After this is the typo check...

...and the language polish.

And then I'm done and sending out FJR.

I won't lie. It feels really, really, really good to have done all that work and to see an end in sight. Three chapters left! It's noticeably better thanks to all my peeps. I may take a day or two off after all that.

But then it's on with real life....

Next on my to do list (a.k.a. March goals):
1. query letters and synopsis--out to 3 agents in March.
2. a YA submission for UGWP
3. 60 pages of New Novel: La Llorona Novel for CWC
4. finish critiques for all groups


  1. Woohoo! I expect the appropriate gloating at our next meeting :-)

  2. Good on ya doesn't seem big enough. Defiantly (that's for you, Ali) take a few days off before tackling the other stuffs.

    Oh, and you suck!!!


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