Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Of all people, my brother informs me that my blog is talking too much about my reading habits and not my writing habits.

I am writing too. Just not an incredible amount. I've already forgiven myself for the NaNo goal that I will be missing this month.

Here's the reason why:
I have determined that I should just write for fun and to see where the hell the story wants to go. Just ride the wave and not push it. The technique is actually working. I manage to write a page or two at work or in the spare moments at home (there's actually more spare moments at work...who knew?) and that's just fine and dandy by me.

I've also determined that I will, however, try to write enough to where I can submit this new project to the UGWP for review and revision every month for the next five months or so. Around fifteen pages a submission equals about 75 pages this month to make a good go of it. That's pretty simple compared to 200. (I have to get this done so that I can focus on the necessary CWC pages for March...those people are demanding.) Then I figure I'll use my November NaNo to finish up the January NaNo.

It's just a little cheat.

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  1. You deserve to have some fun with it. I look forward to seeing the output.



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