Saturday, January 24, 2009

I believe goals should be fluid. They should ebb and flow according to your abilities but not necessarily your mood. That being said, I am revising my goals for 2009 as the first month proved to be a pain--in the heart and in the head.

1. My wonderful dog Charlie had to be put down this month. He was eleven years old. Finally the legs that almost betrayed him at birth gave out and he couldn't walk anymore. Dealing with this loss has stolen a lot of my energy...the parts that weren't stolen by my wonderful children.
2. The job that I'm doing at work takes a lot more creative energy than I anticipated...and I'm already a little drained after working on my last novel for so long. Plus I want to be able to market that novel in a month or creating multiple 'brand new' things is gonna be hard.

With the knowledge that unexpected shit happens and the awareness of my own limits I revise my 2009 goals to be these:
  • work on my YA novel for UGWP
  • finish a rough draft of La Llorona novel
  • query agents for FJR

And I'm hoping after our discussion on Sunday, that the round story will be in an editing state soon....

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  1. Sorry about Charlie. That's a hard blow.

    I think it's a good call to revise your goals. And, if you hit May and get a spurt of energy, you can always do another goals revision.


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