Monday, December 29, 2008

Nervous energy.

Tonight the CWCers will be giving me feedback on the 2nd draft of FJR. I admit to feeling a bit stressed because I so want it to be close to submitable. (I also hope they don't read this before hand and adjust no adjusting people!)

Here's the thing when you've put so much work into something--it's easy to want to let go, to let the thing go forth into the world and wow the world, etc. And it's really hard to admit that there might be even more work needed. I mean, enough's enough right?

But the truth is, sometimes you just have to keep plugging along. I'm hoping that my next plug won't be as intense, though. In the recent Poets and Writers interview with the 'new guard' of agenting the agents talked about how a book needed to be at a 6-7 and they would help make it a 10. Right now I'm okay with a 5 that I can turn into a 6-7 and then submit within the next month or so. Then just rewrite for folks who might be paying me.

Assuming the publishing world hasn't exploded by then.


  1. No adjustments. You know us better than that. We're looking out for you so we'll tell the truth.

    And I don't think it'll hurt much at all.

  2. Well, it's the day-after. You survived :)

  3. But my query letter didn't. ;)

  4. Eh, no one's first query letter survives. It'll be brilliant when you're done with it.


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