Monday, December 22, 2008

Free at last from retail hell!

For three wonderful days I don't have to ask people if they want gift receipts, or gift cards, or a foot up their watoosie. Now I get to be on the buying side of things.

And the first thing I bought is the new Poets and Writers with the up and coming young agents on the cover.

The only one I've met in real life is Dan Lazar and I have one really complimentary thing to say about him right up front: he's very consistant. All the information that he gave in the interview/round table discussion was very similar to the information he presented a year and half ago at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. So, in working with him you'll know that he's not a schizophrenic psycho...and he loves Stephen King. He's soooo gonna rep me--even though he doesn't know that yet.

If you get the chance, check out the whole article. It's really interesting and touches on a lot of business aspects of writing that we writers need to know that we need to be willing to do.


  1. Yeah, I actually squealed like a total geek when I spotted him on the cover.

    Great article, too.

  2. And I think there's more in the online version of the article. Check it out on the Poets and Writer's site. Somewhere in there he talks about not making a seven-figure sale and the author added a note that two weeks after the interview he made one.


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