Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You people spend WAY too much time on Facebook

How do I know this?

Because I've been slowly sucked into the void that is Facebook. I pulled myself away before I planted anymore weird computer plants or joined more mafias or got bit by vampires or whatever else it is that the creators of this insane website have designed to eat my brain cells. And I do feel them dying, one by one.


I'm scared to leave my profile alone for too very long because I was just gone for one day and have been notified that I have almost 30 'notifications'--namely, information regarding mafia/vampire/plant attacks from everyone that I've signed up with as a friend. And I don't have that many friends! I have located a bunch of people from high school and my Barnes and Noble career that I have not approached with the pleading tone of "be my friend!" partly because I'm scared of what will happen.

I have novels to write, people!

But if you listen to this post, I know I'll check my Facebook profile and be lonely if there's nothing there.

Can't win 'em all. Let the brain sucking commence.


  1. It's a timesucker, that's for sure. I allow myself only a couple log-ins a day. Even then, a half hour can disappear before I know it.

    Flair. That's what's getting me now. Must collect flair.

    And I hate it when someone's vampire attacks me. Must attack back.

    Don't adopt a Pokey puppy. They really make you feel guilty if you don't feed, water and play with it every day.

    I probably should have just posted about this on my own blog.


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