Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Toys

I've been struggling with finding a place to write. Yes, I have a desk--in a loft I share with my husband and baby. If I want to write I have to wake everybody up (because any lamp or light illuminates the whole small space...ditto if I'm writing downstairs because of the shitty architecture of the house in which I reside...ditto laptop screen light)and I'm sure you all know how conducive that is to creation.

Enter a new product: the lap desk. A lap desk with a light attached. A small light that illuminates just what I'm working on. So, I can work downstairs without bothering anyone and (!) I may actually get some work done. My mother has graciously agreed to pay for my new toy.

Three cheers for progress!


  1. Cool. New toys are always fun.

  2. And 3 cheers for Suzy! or is it Suzie? Anyway, 3 cheers for both of them. And you. And new toys.

    Have I mentioned that sometimes silliness sets in after a migraine?



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