Monday, September 8, 2008

Never Get Cocky

That's the message that I received in the mail today.

First: Free copies of Shimmer magazine...the issue in which I was published! Yippee! I'm the best writer ever!

Second: Rejection letter right below it. "Sorry, it's not right for us" yadda yadda yadda.

You just gotta take the bad with the good, ya know?


  1. Whatever. :p One rejection is nothing. You still kick major butt.

  2. What Ali said.... plus an acceptance and a rejection? Doesn't that qualify you for a snickerdoodle or a milkshake at the next Pirate gathering? I think so.

    You're putting your work out there, my friend, and that's no small feat. I say, "Good on ya."

  3. I expect when I finally put my stuff out there for it to be more like 50:1 in favor of rejection, so 1:1 is awesome.

  4. I just ordered my copy of Shimmer -- looking forward to reading your story!


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