Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Very Own Reading Challenge

Looking over at my lists on the side there, I see that my reading has been skimpy compared to previous years. So my challenge for the next week or so is to read three books.

Presently, I am reading My Sister, My Love by Joyce Carol Oates.

I am now accepting application/recommendations for the next two books. If you name it, I probably have it...but just to be safe, name three or four each....;)

Sound off.


  1. Since I can't remember for sure whether or not you've read some of these, forgive me if I goof and name on you've already done :)

    "I, the Divine"
    "Where's My Cow?" (Could also work as bed-time reading for one or both of the kiddos)
    "The Last Hero"
    Any of the "Sin City" series, though I'd recommend starting at the beginning.
    "The Kitchen God's Wife"

    I leaned toward fun stuff, as you can probably tell. But, you know, you could always go for some "100 Years of Solitude" if you want to keep from feeling like a slacker.

  2. After Oates, I think I can use a little slackerness....

  3. "A man without a Country."
    "The Pleasure of my Company."
    "The Spirit of Aikido."
    "A Room of One's Own."

    I except full book reports upon completion...kidding, kidding, don't hit please.

  4. Fun stuff, huh?

    --The Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire books are fun and quick.
    --And Then There Were None (or Ten Little Indians) by Agatha Christie. It's one of her stand-alones, and I always think of it as a companion piece to Murder on the Orient Express, but I can't tell you why until you've read it. But you'll probably figure it out then.
    --Any Neil Gaiman, but Fragile Things is a nice collection of a lot of his different styles.
    --Monsters of Templeton
    --Finish Then We Came To The End. It really won me over right after I said it wasn't about anything, because it is. And it goes there is a very different way.


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