Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rough Month Ahead

For July, I hit a large quantity of my goals. The writing was a little slow, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up the pace.

August, however, is gonna hurt.

Note the critique load:
  • 7 (seven!) critiques for UGWP...and they are of a longish variety (my submission makes 8)
  • 3 for CWC...and those are long, long, long

But, this is not all I have to do this month. Nope. Because I only submitted a partial partiality of a short story, I will have to submit the next installment at the end of the month to UGWP. And it's my turn to submit to the CWC...so I hafta crank out at least 50 pages for them. What the (^^&(*#%R& was I thinking?

One can only laugh. Ha. Ha. Ha.


  1. Ha aha ha, ha ha ha, aha, muahaha ha ha!

    I mean, aw, I feel so bad for you.

    Aha ha... ha.

    But, seriously, good luck ;)

  2. I apologize for my submission. It was the longest one.

    Might, very possibly, be the most interesting though. Because I'm awesome.

  3. Remember to breathe.

    tee hee hee heeeeeeee.

    Oops, sorry. Have to remember not to look at Ali.

    You'll be fine. Coupla pages a day. Remember that CWC will hurt you (I think Ali and Fleur slipped that clause in) and UGWP will just be disappointed if you don't submit.

    But no pressure. I have every faith in you.

  4. Be like the Pirates that have their ship really busted up in the middle of a sea battle, maybe you'll scare some of your pages into writing themselves.


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