Saturday, May 24, 2008

Round Story Action Time

Our round story is progressing nicely. We have a large quantity of pages and a lot of schtuff that happens. Right now it's my turn and I think I've decided what I wanna do--probably a good thing since it's due tomorrow.

However, I plan to propose a couple things relating to the story now that we're going into the third round...basically we're rounding the corner and writing straight for the finish line in this last segment. Because it's so difficult to control such a monsterous task as a novel combined with the monsterous task of getting eight+ people to agree on anything, I think we need to do the following:

1. Decide how it ends (my vote is that Oz winds up with Hannah and lives happily ever after in his mansion)
2. In addition to our submission, we write a small note at the end of our chapters showing the next participants where our head was at and what we pictured happening next (the person following doesn't have to listen, of course, but I think it would add some consistancy...the end of the book is about fixing complications, not adding more)
3. I made a binder filled with all the submissions thus far. This go round, I think on each person's turn they should write in what they think needs to be fixed/changed/rearranged for the editting process to continue.

Those are my ideas and I'll present them tomorrow. We're almost done.

Anyone else have any ideas on how to control both a monster manuscript and a group of madly creative people?


  1. Here! Here! I'm all for imposing order onto chaos. You have good suggestions, and I, for one, am grateful.

  2. It's not the madly creative people you need to rein in. It's the creatively mad ones.


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