Friday, February 22, 2008

Will She Make It?

I have not had a 'writer' fix for two months now. Sure, I met up with the Pirates on the first Thursday of the month, but we didn't do much writing talk (I was too busy being gifted with Pirate Baby Swag...thanks guys!).

Now the Sunday critique meeting is coming up. And my baby seems lodged permanently in my tummy. I have money that says she'll show up on Sunday. That means another writer meeting missed (I missed the first one because of a baby shower) and I probably won't go because I will be induced early on Monday if she doesn't show. This may sound like callous whining...but darn it!

I've not been writing because I wanted to take a break. Now I feel breaked. I'm suffering from crazy writing-withdrawl. It is unnatural for a writer to not be writing. It feels irresponsible. Empty.


  1. Of course, the rest of us will be quite bummed for you to miss another meeting. However, in the grand scheme, it makes sense that the baby takes precedence :)

    I get the frustration with not being able to write, but you'll get there soon enough. Just think of this time as bonus pre-writing time.

  2. I was wondering! You will, obviously, be missed -- it's your own fault, though, for being such a great host environment for the little one.

  3. I think you should go to the meeting. Since that baby has your genes, she'll surely decide it's time to be born right then, as you're wildly critiquing someone's work :-)

    Hang in there, my friend. Eventually, all these babies come out...


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