Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Will She Make It? Take Two

Nah, she didn't make it to the writer's meeting, but I did--all 9 months of me.

However, for those who are interested in life a day after a writer's meeting then I'll tell you the following:

Bronwen Elise Preston was born February 25, 2008.
She was 7lbs 14.5oz.
She was 19.5 inches long.
We're still trying to figure out the hair color and the eyes are blue for the moment.

For those of you considering natural childbirth--you're crazy, an epidural is the only way to go.
For those of you who are wondering if you were one of the lucky ones whose work was critiqued while I was at the hospital...well, you'll have to wait and see.


And a side note about choosing reading material when giving birth:

Originally I was saving Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job for the book to read while being induced. I felt humor would be best when dealing with poking nurses, long needles, and gooey general things. Luckily, I started the book early.

Do you know what the opening scene is?

Yeah, a woman dying after childbirth.

Just read the opening chapter of whatever you're intending to bring with you...that's all I'm saying.


  1. Hip, Hip, Hurray! Willie and I were just talking at work about whether the child had made its appearance. I'm so happy for you, and I have already decided (many years ago, in fact) to take your advice about the epidural. However, I don't think I'd like to read during labor. I think it would be ever so much more fun to just spend the time cursing.

  2. You didn't say how very cute she is--no surprise there. But, actually, I am always surprised when a newborn isn't all wrinkled and red. But she isn't.

    Again I say, "Good job."

  3. Yay Hooray Hurrah! Nice going Jenny!

  4. Congrats! I'm so impressed you're doing critiques in the hospital. You sound so sane. Congrats to Shane too. Hope to see the baby soon and you too.


  5. *cough, cough*

    Um, refresh?


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