Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Bigger You Are...the Harder it is to Write

My belly is touching the keyboard long before my fingers. Dare I say that the amount of typos has increased exponentially with the growth of my unborn baby? But we'll try hard not to blame her for the lack of energy to write, the awkwardness of physically moving toward the keyboard, the fact that every time I stand up I have to pee, or the surprising lack of comfort I find in any given position (standing=need to head to the nearest bathroom, sitting=stomach bumping whatever's in front of me, laying down=whack! and Shane's knocked outta bed...).

I think the hormones are great for developing story ideas--just not the execution. Normally I write stuff out long hand first, but I can't use a lap desk or lean forward over a notebook for more than five minutes.

Ah, well. Less than four weeks to go right?


  1. On one hand, I feel bad knowing you're in such discomfort. On the other... well, it's just so funny :)

    At least pregnancy is temporary, eh?

  2. Sounds like you need a recording device. Then you can have your secretary (Shane? Susie?) transcribe it for you.

  3. Just imagine what an inspired writer this baby will be :-)

    Hang in there, I know those last few weeks are tough...


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