Monday, December 10, 2007

If It's Mechanical, I'm Breaking It...

My car refuses to start. (Twice now, totally dead.)

My computer at work has to be restarted at least four times a day.

My printer is out of toner.

That's this weekend in a nutshell. Let's see what other kinds of damage I can do. I better get off the computer pretty quick because if this breaks...well, I don't know if there's enough hot chocolate in the world to make me feel better.


  1. Well, don't stay off the computer too long. You still owe me the last part of FJR, remember?

  2. One time I tried to turn on a faucet, and the knob shattered in my hands. I think it was rusted beyond all hope.

    Things break down, Jenny. They have to, otherwise repairmen wouldn't have anyone's wallet to gouge.

  3. It's okay. Deep breaths. It's not you. One hot chocolate at a time. We don't want you ODing.

    Think happy thoughts: Johnny Depp, big advances for books, pirates, Joss Whedon movies, Johnny Depp.

  4. Yes, John, I realize things have to break. I'm trying to keep in mind that the workers at Brakes Plus have families that need shoes and things too....

    Ah, humbug. It still sucks.


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