Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ha! I get the party crowd...

All righty...

It's great to have friends that are smarter than you. It's true. They keep you from doing the dumb things you would otherwise, of course, do. But it's still a bitter pill to swallow when every last one of them is apparently smarter than you. Take the following example:

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Apparently, my blog is not as difficult to understand as some other 'genius' blogs I know (and love...or at least moderately tolerate). Yes, smart friends are good. They can tell you what a dangling participle is. They can explain string theory and why 7-11s are opend 24 hours a day.

But people who are drunk, high, and/or tired from midnight cram sessions can understand what I'm saying. Oh yeah.


  1. Well, you know, if you look at the blogs of Neil Gaiman and Jane Espenson, they're actually at an elementary reading level. So, hey, at least you beat Neil Gaimain, right?

  2. Tell you something funny, Mentore: I got highschool level. But my stoned pirates got genius level.

    Weird ass world.

  3. I can even explain the hole in string theory. :)

  4. Jenny, you must remember that it's the blog that is genius, not the author. I wouldn't say that I am smarter than you (I probably am--I do have a degree [nod to Katherine]--but I wouldn't ever say it).

    And, let's face it, John? Even with a degree, no way.

    So, no worries. And it would be more readable. Unlike Whit's High School level blog that is done in an odd kind of code.


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