Sunday, December 2, 2007

Guess What I Just Did?

Go, you get three guesses.


  1. Oh! Oh! Pick me!

    You finished FJR!

    Hoorah, now I get pages tomorrow!

    And if that's not it, we have a problem.

  2. You bought your son a rocket ship for Christmas?

    You found the cure for cancer?

    You brokered a peace accord between Israel and Palestine?

  3. John, strangely enough, I do have a potential cure for cancer and an idea for peace between Israel and Palestine--and it all involves one Christmas present to my son. =)

  4. Ali and John stole all my guesses. I wasn't going to say the one about the rocketship, but the other.

  5. You wrote me a check for $100,000, so that I can pay off my student loans and buy a bitchin' new car.

    That's not it? You're kidding me!

    Okay. just took the role of the lead actress in a movie about my life, and it's going to rake in tons of money.

    Wrong again? Jeesh!

    Let's see, you just met Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, and my dear Matthew, told them about me, and now they're fighting over which one gets to ask me out. (Just so you know, there's enough of me for all!)

    I got it wrong again? Well, hell...I guess I give up!

  6. Planted an apple tree?

    Planted a hundred thousand apple trees?

    Did something inspiring and exemplary, that I must take as a lesson for my career?

    I knew I'd guess right.


Fellow thieves! Please feel free to let me know what you've taken from this post - or share pertinent information that you don't mind me stealing.