Saturday, November 3, 2007

NaNo Month--I'll Be Short

I'll be short on two fronts:
1. There's no way I can finish FJR by Monday. I'll be two chapters shy. But--before the demons come out! I will give what I have to my first readers (yes, Ali, that's you!) and e-mail the final two chapters later in the month. --So far I'm only making copies for Ali, Deb, John, and Nicole...can't afford to do much else.
2. This stalls my NaNo attempt for a bit too. So, I'll make sure that I still work a month and go into the first week of December with the random piece. (I have to wait to use my sticks, John. I'm sooo disappointed. But I'm glad they're working for you so far.)


  1. You know, I'd be disappointed if I couldn't use the sticks too. Especially after having used them.

  2. Nooo! This is very disappointing, m'dear. However, as long as you can finish it faster than I can, we may be all right. Maybe.

  3. All I can say slower.

  4. Ah, Jenny. I do understand. How many months late was MMG in getting to you? I'll take what I can of FJR and just look forward to the final 2 chapters. If I can't read slowly enough, though, expect a call with me shouting, "Okay, just tell me what happens!"


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