Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Writer's Marathon Results...Part 2

I like to think of this one as: "The Birth of the Land Pirates' Captain De Foe"

(Consider this a character sketch for a future novel character...)

"Once there was a dashing young man who was commandeered into His Majesty's Navy. The young man's dashing good looks were eventually dashed onboard ship. Scurvy took his finger and toe nails. A seemingly endless diet of turtle soup took part of his lower intestine and any liking for liquid foods--like soup. But he did learn a great deal about mizzening masts and hoisting main sails. One day, he and the crew of The Happy Charleton (named for the king) committed mutiny and became hideous sea pirates of the variety with no teeth or discernable table manners. Eventually, however, the young-yet-no-longer-dashing man, who made himself Captain of The Happy Charleton, grew weary of vomitting over the side of the ship but did not want to give up the life of pirating and riches he had grown accustomed to. So, he hatched a plan. The crew would take The Happy Charleton ashore. The ship, vast and mighty as it was, would be loaded and rolled along the trunks of felled trees. Instead of other ships, Captain and crew would plunder castles and manors."


  1. Sounds very... gradiose and romantic, well, except for the scurvy bit. I like it.

  2. Huh...

    Are you considering the example you're setting, and the impact this will have on those who look up to you?

    (K.P. Meyzor, that's my jumble'o'letters)

  3. Actually, it's pretty cool. Land pirates, ho!

  4. But, Deb, she's got to finish the others before she can write it so we can read it! She's already got one she needs to finish and another she needs to write all of first.

    Unless... Anyone have a cloning apparatus?

  5. I had a cloning apparatus once, trust me, you DON'T want to go there. Things get...messy.

    All Vile Quotes Never Vindicate Earnest Average Welders.

  6. Loves it! What about a children's book for adults, with pictures and everything (why should kids get to have all the fun stuff). Any story that involves scurvy is destined for greatest.

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