Monday, October 29, 2007

The October Wind-Up, November Goals

October went pretty well. My goals were to finish critiques (big check...there were ten of those buggers) and to finish the rough draft of FJR. I am four chapters shy. But! I still have until November 5th, when I meet my fellow pirate bloggers to finish that up. Since I finished the biggest, chunkiest chapter on Saturday night (see That Hurt...) I am hopeful that a measly four chapters can be done and I'll have finished my October-and-a-week-goals.

So, assuming that everything until Nov 5 goes good, heres the goals for November:
1. To cheat at NaNoWriMo. The 'winning' requirement is 60,000 words. After finishing my other novel, I don't feel like jumping into anything quite that large. I'm going to shoot for 20,000-30,000 words using:
The Writer's Toolbox by Jamie Cat Callan (This box is really cool, you find out who your protagonist is by spinning a wheel, you keep your story moving by using 'non-sequitor' goal is to have fun with this and write something completely random. Who knows what I'll get?) So, I won't do the word count for NaNo, nor will I really come up with key points for the story...if that's not cheating I don't know what is.
2. To finish the critiques (again!)--there are eight this time around. However, I'm thinking this month, instead of getting them all out of the way early, I'll do the time-honored tradition of procrastinating until the last minute.


  1. I like cheating at NaNoWriMo. I cheated last year and finished the first draft of MMG. Check my blog on Wednesday to see how I'm cheating this year.

  2. BTW, I like the new look. Very clean and crisp. And it seems to load easier than the other one.

  3. Great idea with the NanoWrimo, I might just steal it.

  4. As long as I have the entirety of FJR in my grubby little hands come Nov. 5th, I'm totally okay with you cheating for NaNo. However, if I do not have FJR on the 5th, there will be much antagonizing about the cheating. Consider yourself forewarned :)

  5. I like the new look too. It was occuring to me that I should change it...apparently everyone else in the world used the other one. I swear, in one shot I went to seven different blogs and they all looked the same! I thought I was on mine and I'd forgotten what I'd posted.

  6. Yes. You should hope like that.You would be surprised at just how much of a difference changing out your targets can make!


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