Wednesday, September 26, 2007

That Deadline Thingy

All right, so I started out really strong with the round story, and I know exactly where I want it to go.

However, I seem to have dropped it in favor of the novel that I really want to get done by November. This equals trouble for the round story bit because it seems that I have not done a damn thing after I said I was doing so well. Ah well, since it's due on Sunday, I have decided that I will set aside my own novel and finish the round story. Should be fun, and more in keeping with the 'last minute' tradition established by our ilk.

Oh, and I still need to do the critiques for Sunday too.

I will beat back the fiendish Deadline through the use of previously suggested options...

I just don't know how I'll type while punching the Deadline in the nose, stomping on its feet, and running faster than the poor bastard behind me....


  1. Just don't taunt the deadline, whatever you do. You taunted it enough, it already knows the taste of blood.

  2. So I shouldn't do something like this:


    or this:

    Oh, once I knew a Deadline,
    Super, strong, and fine
    But tee-hee-hee
    He couldn't catch me...
    I knew he had no spine.


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