Saturday, September 8, 2007

Change in Plans

Okay, so I've decided to throw the September goals out the window and readjust a couple things.
1. I will finish the round story chapter (umm, I think I have to...)
2. I will write as much as I can on FJR--hoping at least 50 pages...

And that's it. I was going to have a new chapter of a new novel done, but (!) I realize that the baby is going to come very soon. Much sooner than I think and I want to be through the first draft and hopefully half of the second draft by the time junior comes along. Judging by my recent pacing...I have to step it up in that department.

So, it boils down to: Write like a mad fiend...or Whit on caffeine.


  1. Yeah, that's the thing about babies, they're not much for waiting until later. Then, they come and they're messy and they demand all your time...

    Yup, getting moving is probably a good idea.

    By the way, I think Whit on caffeine is a possibly gorey idea: I envision some kind of explosion, the pressure would just be too much.

  2. ...that is probably the grossest thing I've ever read.

  3. Thank you. An advocate for the idea that I am not, in fact ALWAYS high as a rocket-propelled kite.

    Could you have possibly said it in a MORE graphically displeasing way, though? Yegads.


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