Monday, August 20, 2007

Speaking of Reality Shows....

Watching writers write would, indeed, be like watching paint dry. You see a whole bunch of moderately attractive faces (because writers, unlike actors/models are not super-gorgeous, but we are not dogs either...) staring at computer screens or sheets of paper and you have no idea of what is going on behind that moderately attractive face. Something, yes. But what? You won't know until it's all done.

Well, a group called the Pikes Peak Writers has decided, for the third year in a row to host American Icon. This is a competition where writers read excerpts from their novels and are judged by a panel of three. There is also an Audience Choice award. It's based on the concept of American Idol.

And I signed up for it. I am a fool.

The competition is this Saturday from 6:30-9:30. I am biting my fingernails. (Yes, John, that does make it harder to type...) We'll see how it goes.


  1. Jenny, m'dear, I have every confidence in the world that you'll do just fine. I wouldn't even be surprised if you get an award out of it. Just make sure to name me in your acceptance speech :)

    Seriously, though, you're going to do great. I'm just sorry that I'll be working that night (if only I'd realized that American Icon was so soon, and that you'd be in it).

  2. Ooh. Mentore stuff.

    I was going to say I was scared for you. But I'm not really feeling all the empathetic right now. Sort of puckish, really. Not mixed or matched feelings. They mix as well as oil and garlic butter, and match as well as a college student doing his--not her--own laundry.


  3. Awww, pshaw! You're going to be just fine. Where is this event taking place? And do you have anyone to cheer for you, yet?

  4. Just remember, if the judges don't like your work, that just means they're really stupid.

  5. Arghh! But I'm going to be out of town! I think you'll do really well and I would have loved to see this. We can do a reenacment later. I'll play the part of the incredibly nervous contestent who starts sobbing for no reason.


  6. If I didn't have prior plans, I'd be there, baby. Between your great writing and your acting ability, I have no doubt that you'll blow them all away.

  7. Youse guys are so swell. I know you'd be there if you could--who knew so many people were gonna be outta town? And that you weren't making it up?


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