Tuesday, July 31, 2007

August Goals...

Deb makes us do goals. (Okay, she doesn't really make us, but she strongly encourages....) Actually, I think goals are a wonderful thing. However, I hate staring at all the ones I don't hit in a month. Somehow it feels like I was sleeping while the test was happening...and it was a timed test...and I was naked...

But it's those months when you hit every single goal on your list that make you feel damn good.

So, here goes for August:

1. Finish two chapters of FJR (which is my current mainstream novel)
2. Finish one chapter of Two Rooms (which is my soon-to-be-current fantasy novel) and have it ready to submit for the writers group by the end of the month--that's for Ali's sake, demon that she is.
3. Finish reading/critiquing the stories for the writers group (because I can't expect them to work for me if I don't work for them. Right?)
4. Read The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.

We'll see....


  1. If you never make goals, you never are disappointed. It's a simple mantra, but it keeps the shakes away.

  2. Ya know, one chapter of the new fantasy novel would be great. Though, I'd never object to two. ;)

    As far as the test taking analogy goes, look in the bright side - you are a nudism buff. (Ha! Pun!)


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